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Centralia PA Mine Fire - Coal Burning underground, Homes ...

All About the Mine fire that destroyed a small Pennsylvania coal town. Pictures, Information, Maps, Stories and more

Coal Mining in Appalachia - The Moonlit Road

History of coal mining in southern Appalachia, and how it radically transformed the region.

The Sunderland Site Page 009 -

1 'The Coal Mines & the Staiths' - an illustrated article by Len Charlton 2 'The Staiths in Sunderland' - where they were in central Sunderland, with a map. 3 'George Stephenson and the Hetton Railway' - an article by Len Charlton about Stephenson's pioneering 1822 railway line.

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Culture and images from Appalachia's coalfields. A Scrapbook of Appalachian Coal Towns. Online since 2001. as seen in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Copper Creek Ghost Town, Arizona - The American Southwest

Copper Creek - ghost town near Mammoth, Arizona, 50 miles north of Tucson in the Galiuro Mountains

The Rise and Fall of Coal in McDowell County, West Virginia

I was born and raised in Mc Dowell County. enjoyed growing up in the area, but the only work there was the coal mines and times were changing. the mine companys took there money from our county and spent it everywhere but our county and state.

The Smallest Town in Each of the 50 States | Mental Floss

From a central Florida enclave where the mermaids outnumber the residents to the town that changed its name to Joe, Montana, there's a lot of quirky history in America's least populated places. We've combed the country to find the most interesting tiny town in each state—ranging in ...

Near-abandoned coal town struggles to ... - Daily Mail Online

Lynch, Kentucky, was built by US Steel in 1917. By the 1940s, it became the biggest coal town in the world. Now it struggles to recover from the decline of coal as residents celebrate its 100th anniversary.

BBC - Primary History - Victorian Britain - Children at Work

In Victorian times, many families had 10 or more children. Sadly, many children died as babies, or from diseases such as smallpox and diphtheria. Child-death struck rich and poor families. In a Victorian town, it was easy to tell who was rich and who was poor. Children from richer homes were well ...

New Acland coal mine expansion back on the table after Land ...

More than 60 landholders fighting the New Acland coal mine on Queensland's Darling Downs are dealt a blow as the Supreme Court rejects a Land Court decision that a proposed expansion would be too great a risk to groundwater.

Photos Of Abandoned Centralia, PA - Business Insider

Flickr/Proper Pictures It's not completely clear how the fire started, but most historical accounts hold that burning trash in a landfill near an abandoned strip mine ignited an exposed coal vein.

About Centralia PA and the Mine Fire

Read about Centralia, Pennsylvania mine fire including the location of the town, its history, and the infamous coal fire that led to the town's demise.

Jharia - Wikipedia

Jharia is a neighbourhood in Dhanbad in Jharkhand state, India.Jharia was the fifteenth-largest town in the state of Jharkhand. ( More than one town in India shares this name

Big Pit National Coal Museum - Wikipedia

Big Pit National Coal Museum (Welsh: Pwll Mawr Amgueddfa Lofaol Cymru) is an industrial heritage museum in Blaenavon, Torfaen, South Wales.A working coal mine from 1880 to 1980, it was opened to the public in 1983 under the auspices of the National Museum of Wales.

Whitehaven Pits, Cumbria -

The Whitehaven area of Cumbria was once a major mining centre with numerous coal and metal mines in the surrounding area. The harbour (built by the Lowther family - major local mine owners) was a busy coal port - in addition to being a major centre for ship building and other trades.

Chris Cline Could Be The Last Coal Tycoon Standing - Forbes

Dark days ahead for coal? Don't tell that to billionaire Chris Cline, who's building a mining empire based on the dirtiest fuel that he's convinced has a bright future.

Growing Up in Coal Country: Susan Campbell Bartoletti ...

Growing Up in Coal Country [Susan Campbell Bartoletti] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Inspired by her in-laws' recollections of working in coal country, Susan Campbell Bartoletti has gathered the voices of men

The Lanarkshire Mining Industry - Sorbie Family Page

Coal was the fuel that powered the Industrial Revolution. The reliance on steam engines meant a huge increase in the demand for coal and the men women and children who mined it, particularly so in the mining areas of Scotland.

Coalwood, West Virginia - Official Site

Dan Traveling Videos Watch new video on the town of Pocahontas, Virginia. Click here to see video. See new video on Bramwell, West Virginia. Click here to see video.

Coal Mine Fire Still Burning After Weeks Looks Like Mordor ...

A coal seam fire still raging after three weeks has turned a small town in southern Australia into a smoke- and ash-filled hazard. Elderly people, young children and pregnant women were advised to evacuate Morwell, and photos from the burning Hazelwood Coal Mine elicit comparisons to the fictional ...

Cabinet papers reveal 'secret coal pits closure plan' -

Newly released cabinet papers from 1984 reveal mineworkers' union leader Arthur Scargill may have been right to claim there was a "secret hit-list" of more than 70 pits marked for closure. The government and National Coal Board said at the time they wanted to close 20. But the documents reveal a ...